Staff Training

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The collection of training materials below can be downloaded, edited, and used by financial institutions to train their staff on a range of topics related to agricultural lending. They were developed by AgriFin's technical assistance projects with financial institutions in Africa and Asia.


Burkina Faso   |  Cameroon   |   Mali   |   Mozambique   |   Nepal   |   Senegal   |   Rwanda   |   Uganda


Burkina Faso (French)

Agricultural SME Lending Training Materials

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   Module 1: Agriculture Finance 101

   Module 2: Basics of Financial Analysis

   Module 3: Portfolio Management

   Module 4: Commodity Analysis Methods

   Module 5: Investing in SMEs

   Module 6: Roles and Responsibilities in Agriculture Portfolio Management

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Mali (French)

Agricultural SME Lending Training Materials

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Mozambique (Portuguese)

   Financial Literacy Training Materials

   Commodity Production Techniques for Farmers

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  Agricultural Lending Training Materials

  Commercial Agricultural Lending Training Manual

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Senegal (French)

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   Value Chain Sector Training Manuals

 Agricultural Lending Maual for Trainers

   Training Program for Loan Officers

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