March 2013: News, Events, and Resources for Agricultural Finance


Featured Articles | Credit Scoring

ALES: A Gateway to Commercial Agricultural Lending 
Contributed by Katia Gortz and Erdal Kocoglu, FSFM 

ALES is a credit scoring tool developed by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management to assess risk in agricultural lending. Currently, the tool is utilized by banks and MFIs in Turkey and Tajikistan. Learn More>> 


Centralized Expert Underwriting in Agricultural MSE Finance 
Contributed by Christoph Jungfleisch, FSFM

This article describes how centralized expert underwriting can help financial institutions reduce operational costs and lower risk spread through refined analysis. The methodology is currently being adapted for agriculture MSEs in Peru and Colombia. Learn More>> 


Developing Credit Scorecards for Agriculture Lending: a Modular Approach
Contributed by Dean Caire, CFA

The author uses the case of a Europe-based international leasing company to illustrate how credit scorecards can be adapted and used for agriculture equipment leasing to small businesses. Learn More>>


Featured Articles | Crop Insurance

Agriculture Insurance in LAC: All About Public-Private Partnerships and Public Programs to Protect Vulnerable Farmers 
Contributed by Diego Arias, World Bank

The author discusses public-private partnerships in agriculture insurance in Latin America and the World Ban's recent focus in the region's agriculture insurance programs. Learn More>>


Crop Loan Insurance in Pakistan
Contributed by Kashif Umar Thanvi, Habib Bank Limited

In 2008, Pakistan designed and implemented a crop loan insurance scheme for farmers. The author discusses the benefits and challenges of its implementation and the ways that it could be improved. Learn More>>


The U.S. Federal Crop Insurance Program
Contributed by James Callan, James Callan Associates, LLC.

The author explains how the United States Federal Crop Insurance Program works, the role of government and the private sector in developing and managing this program, and key recent developments. Learn More>>


Additional Resources

  • Videos | Senior staff from 12 financial institutions visited Mexico to learn about innovations in agriculture finance. Learn More>>
  • ICT in Agriculture | A summary of Chapter 7 of the World Bank's ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook which explores the ways in which ICTs can expand smallholders' access to finance. Learn More>>.
  • Innovative Agricultural SME Finance Models | A summary of a report by IFC which highlights promising cases of emergent and innovative agriculture SME financing. Learn More>>