June 2014 Newsletter: News, Events, and Resources for Agricultural Finance


Lending to Agricultural Customers Training Materials

Develop the skills you need to succeed The Lending to Agriculture Training Materials provide a reference point for preparing staff training on agricultural finance. The materials are free and fully downloadable and can be tailored to suit your needs. The training materials can also serve as a self-study resource guide. Learn More>>


Transformation of Food Supply Chains: What Every Agricultural Banker Should Know

Did you know that food value chains in Asia and Africa are going through dramatic changes? Our speaker this month, Thomas Reardon is a world-renowned expert on food industry transformation with extensive experience in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In this webinar, Prof. Reardon will discuss opportunities for commercial banks to extend financing to food value chains in these regions. Learn More>> 


Additional Resources

  • Managing Credit Risks in Financing Agriculture: Lessons from Five Countries | Discussion Note by AgriFin, June 2014. Learn More>>
  • Serving Smallholder Farmers:Recent Developments in Digital Finance | Focus Note by CGAP, June 2014. Learn More>>
  • Financing Coffee Growers: Lessons from a Banking Partnership in Honduras | Materials in English and Spanish from the most recent AgriFin webinar. Learn More>>