July 2013: News, Events, and Resources for Agricultural Finance


Meet the Keynote Speaker

Ross Colbert is the Global Strategist for Beverages at Rabobank International, Research Division. Mr. Colbert will talk about the value proposition for banks in agriculture and address three key issues characterizing what could be called a "New Age of Agriculture": security of supply, price volatility, and sustainability. He will explore what global food and beverage companies are doing to take advantage of the burgeoning global opportunities, while mitigating these major risks. He will also discuss how farmers, including smallholders, can participate in the New Age of Agriculture.

The 3 "P's" of Success for Agricultural Lending Featured Forum Presentations

Processes | Analyzing the Credit Risk of Medium-scale Agribusiness Clients | FinTerra has built a successful business lending to fast-growing agribusinesses in Mexico. Using actual client examples, Mr. Miguel Gallo will describe the due diligence process in detail, and share the analytical tools that relationship managers use to assess client risk.


Products | Financing Equipment for Farmers and Agricultural SMEs | Long-term investment financing is the focus of this session. Mr. Hans Balymujura will describe the various kinds of fixed assets that ABSA finances and explain how they design, promote, originate, underwrite, and monitor these loans. Mr. Arvind Sonmale will explain the underwriting and structuring of loans for irrigation systems.


People | Panel: Beyond the Org Chart: Optimizing Your Agribusiness Unit's Design, Crafting Staff Profiles, and Recruiting the Talent You Need | A group of senior bankers will take turns sharing the experiences of their institutions in positioning the agricultural lending business within the organization, determining staff roles and responsibilities, and developing recruitment strategies.


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Additional Resources

  • How can we better understand the financial needs of 500 million smallholder households? A recent CGAP study proposes segmenting households into three categories. Learn More>>