Attend a Webinar

AgriFin webinars are hosted using the WebEx technology. 

From the Email Invitation, click onto the link provided in the email invitation you received.

Provide Additional Details
1. Your Name - enter your first and last name.
2. Email Address - enter your email address.
3. Meeting Password - if required, enter the meeting password that was provided in your invitation.
4. Click Join.
Connecting to the Conference Audio
Your meeting Host may choose to use either VOIP or WebEx Audio for your meeting:
  • VOIP - join the conference using your computer's audio system (speakers and microphone)
  • WebEx Audio - join the voice conference using your telephone or your computer's audio system
Instructions are provided for both scenarios below.
  • The window below will prompt you to join the VOIP Integrated Voice Conference.
  • Click Yes to join the Voice Conference. Once you are connected to the Conference Audio, you can speak with the Host and other participants using the microphone on your computer.
Join WebEx Audio
The following window will prompt you to join the WebEx Audio conference:

Use Computer for Audio
Click Call Using Computer to dial into the conference using your computer's audio.
Use Phone
In the space provided, enter your phone number so that the WebEx Audio can call you and
connect you to the conference.
Click Call Me.

First Time User

If you are attending a webinar for the first time, please follow the instructions below. A plug in is required to use WebEx. NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you complete the following diagnostic test prior to joining a WebEx Webinar.
Go to the Test Meeting
Open a browser window, and go to
Join the Test Meeting
1. Name - enter your first name.
2. Email Address - enter the email address used in your meeting invitation.
3. Click Join.
When prompted, download and install the WebEx Plug in.
Click Download.
Windows Instructions
1. When prompted, click Save File.
2. Open the downloaded file.
3. Click Run.
Mac Instructions
1. When prompted, click Save File.
2. Open the downloaded file. Run through the installer as instructed on the screen.